In the graduation related to Information Technology (IT), one studies different technologies, software development processes, tools, IT infrastructure-related processes and tools, and so on. There could be a lot of hands-on practice one can get if the curriculum is perused rigorously. Then why something called an internship is needed on top of all of this effort? Why UGC, thinks, that it is a very important part of your education? Let us try and understand the importance of an internship.

Exposure to the industry Environment

When you are learning, you are at a college or an educational institute, it’s an academic environment. However, when you step into the company, the environment around you completely changes. Due to this big change, some students take time to adapt to this new environment, people, and lingo. Doing an internship helps to bridge this exposure gap. Since you are not a full-fledged employee, an intern gets an opportunity to acclimatize himself/herself slowly to the working environment and culture of the organization. This not only builds confidence but he/she is at more ease to interact and learn from the people around.

Latest Tools and Technologies

In the working environment, it is obvious that the latest tools, technologies, and industry practices would be used. When you become part of it even as an intern, there is a lot to learn. You get an opportunity to see and experience the use of the latest tools and technologies.

Strengthen your profile

When you go through the internship, you learn ‘tricks of the trade’. This not only elevates your knowledge and skill level but strengthens your profile too. In other words, the candidate who has undergone an internship would be given preference in a selection process over the candidate who has not.


Polish your professional skills

At the workplace, you do not interact with students like in the case of your learning environment. Here, you have to interact with working professionals. By observing, listening, and following them, you can learn a lot. Serious internships are driven by good mentors. The mentor would ensure that you develop an all-round personality and not only master a niche skill.

Applying your learning

The internship is a first step toward the industry. In the work environment, the focus is on the outcomes. As an intern, one learns how to apply whatever one has learnt in academics. You will see the application and its limitations of it. This will help you to broaden your horizon and you will learn to quickly pick up on-job skills.

Makes you a good team player

When you are in the internship, you work under the guidance of some experienced employees. You will become part of a team. You need to contribute to the success of the team by putting effort: into learning new things and applying them. Here, you will get exposure to working as a team for a common goal. This builds team spirit. You will be able to network and build relationships with your teammates and seniors. These relationships are invaluable and will help you in your career growth.

Have you seen any Doctor or Surgeon directly joining the hospital? Do you believe that on the basis of all the learning he has in academics will he/she be able to treat or operate on patients? Emphatically No. Right? We are aware that doctors have to do internships that are years long. Then how we can think of an engineer or IT professional can start the work, and progress without any practical exposure?

That is a big mistake for everyone who wants to cut corners or start a career quickly. In this rush, he/she misses the whole point of starting on a very strong background of skills in practice. If you are an aspiring IT professional, think about this. An internship is a gateway to the start of a blazing career graph.

Internship and Texceed Technologies

At Texceed Technologies, a famous IT Training Institute in Pune & Mumbai, we offer job-oriented courses in the IT space. Though we focus on practical hands-on training in MCSA, CCNA, CEH, AWS cloud, etc, one of the key features of our courses is industry internship. This not only hones your technical skills but gives you a strong base on which you can build your career.   

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