Cyber Security Courses and Certifications

Today, world is poised for fourth industrial revolution. Technologies like cloud, internet of things (IoT), Big data, Data analytics and Artificial intelligence are taking the entire business world in their stride. Every company is looking for digitization and automation of its operations through these technologies. However, with all the advantages, there come some drawbacks like security vulnerabilities. These can create havoc. Trained manpower with Cyber Security courses and Certifications can only safeguard us and the businesses from cyber security incidents.

Cyber incidents remains as a top three risk in many countries. The acceleration towards greater digitalization and remote working driven by the pandemic is also further intensifying IT vulnerabilities. In April 2020, the FBI reported a 300% increase in incidents alone, while cyber crime is now estimated to cost the global economy over $1 Trillion, up 50% from two years ago.  Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS) Report

Cyber Security Incidents is in Top 3 Risks

Cyber security incidents is one of the top risks if you ask any CEO or MD of the company. With Covid pandemic situation, work-from-home became the norm. For its obvious advantages, companies started implementing hybrid working policies: some staff at office and some staff at home. Though companies started this hybrid arrangement  to face pandemic situation, it brought a lot of challenges with respect to cyber security. Managing security perimeter was a bit easier, when people were working at offices. Now with people working from home, enlarge this perimeter manifold.

External incidents cause more losses. There are phishing attacks, DDoS attacks, malware or ransomware. Malicious internal actions and Accidental internal incidences also contribute to such losses. Out of these accidental internal incidences can be prevented. These are mainly human errors while doing routine operations, platform or IT downtime, migration related issues, corruption or loss of data etc.

Responding to incidence: Cyber Security Courses and Certification

One of the effective way to respond and prevent cyber security incidences is training. Proper training of employees and process adherence can significantly reduce the threat and impact of any cyber incident. For you know, phishing like attack involves human error. Companies have to provide and manage network capacities for people working at home. They have to make arrangements for proper backups to limit the damage like in case of ransomware attack.

Increasing Demand for Cyber Security Courses and Certifications

As world is moving towards more and more digitalization and remote working, vulnerabilities would keep on increasing. Every year hackers would invent new ways to sneak into the system by bypassing the controls. We have to make our policing stronger and deeper to protect our systems and businesses.

Currently, there is huge demand for cyber security professionals. You can start with a good salary package and grow further in this challenging career. You need to keep learning and keep yourself updated about latest technology trends in cyber security. Hone your skills with in-depth training courses and perusing global certifications. Cyber security is going remain as rewarding career for next 20 years. Why wait, Start your career journey with us.

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