Trending & Best Courses after Graduation

Trending & Best Courses after Graduation

Many a time, the knowledge one gains at the level of graduation is not enough to get a job. Even after completing graduation with good scores, many candidates fail to get jobs. The reason for this is lack of job skills. What kind of skills are required to perform a good job are seldom covered in the graduation curriculum. Hence, one needs to acquire the required job skills to land a good job. And this is not rocket science. If you consider a particular job, you will find there are plenty of such courses available. You need to look at the best courses after graduation to enhance your skills. In this fashion, you will be able to start a growing career in the Information Technology industry.

Enhancing Employability with best courses after graduation

Currently, if you look at the IT industry, it is flooded with job opportunities. “Today, the employment of graduates is not a problem but their employability is”. Employability is the ability to get or retain one’s job. Graduation curriculums were never designed keeping a particular job role or a set of job roles in mind. Therefore, there always would be a gap in what is covered in the curriculum and what the industry wants. The solution to this issue is to acquire those skills with the best courses after graduation.

Best Courses after Graduation for Technical Skills

This is an era of automation and artificial intelligence. Almost every industry from healthcare to logistics is using information technology to improve productivity. Obviously, this requires more manpower which is trained with information technology. Along with these industries, the IT industry itself also provides many job opportunities in different domains.

There are many different domains in the IT industry. Out of them, we focus on a few of them which are currently very hot in terms of job opportunities and growth. The following table lists various domains in the IT industry and the technologies involved therein. One can choose any one of the rows from the following table and master these technologies. As a result of your expertise, getting a job would be much easier.


No Domain Technologies
1 Java, J2EE Java, SQL, JSP/Servlets, Java Spring, Spring Boot
2 Java Full-stack Development Java, Java Spring, Angular/React JS, MongoDB, Node JS
3 PHP Full Stack Web Development HTML5, CSS3, Angular JS, Node JS, Mongo DB, PHP
4 PHP web development HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, WordPress, Joomla etc.
6 Software Testing and Automation Testing process, Selenium, Bugzilla, Cucumber
7 Linux System Administration Red Hat Linux, Ansible
8 Network Administration CCNA
9 Information Security CCNA, Ethical Hacker
10 Cloud Admin Linux administration, AWS
11 Windows Admin MCSA
12 Cloud Admin MCSA, Microsoft Azure

Best Courses after Graduation offered by Texceed

A well-known computer training institute in Pune called Texceed offers many courses which are oriented towards preparing you for a job. The following list shows various technical courses which are designed and offered at Texceed related to domains listed in the above table.  Many courses do not focus only on technical skills but they hone your soft skills also.

No Domain Texceed Course
1 Java, J2EE Java and Full Stack Java
2 Java Full-stack Development Java and Full Stack Java
3 PHP Full Stack Web Development PHP and Full Stack PHP
4 PHP web development PHP and Full Stack PHP
5 Python Python
6 Software Testing and Automation Software Testing
7 Linux System Administration Red Hat Linux
8 Networking Administration CCNA
9 Information Security Ethical Hacking
10 Microsoft Windows Cloud Admin Microsoft Azure
11 AWS Cloud Admin AWS Cloud Computing

Importance of Global Certification

For many technology courses, there are global certifications available from the technology vendors who created that technology. For example, Oracle offers various certifications on Java and Oracle database or Microsoft has global certifications on its technologies like Windows, SQL Server, Azure cloud, etc.

These certifications are very important from the perspective of fresher. They add a lot of value to your resume and increase chances of getting selected though they are not mandatory. Many Texceed courses are designed in such a way that you will not only get the knowledge but you will be able to easily pass the global examination.

If you have finished graduation or pursuing one, do not waste time. Start with an online course right now and jump-start your career in Information Technology Industry.

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