Start Your Career in Networking with Best CCNA Course Online

Have you read the newspapers currently? Which jobs are in high demand? Yes, you are right; jobs in remote IT Support, IT Services, Cloud, Information Security are growing. If you are a graduate and want to pursue a growing career in Information technology (IT), starting with CCNA Course online can be a significant first step.

Many E&TC graduates take admission for a CCNA course after they complete their graduation. When one starts with a course like this, they are often unclear about the long-term career goal associated with this first step. Let us explore it.

Build strong fundamentals with CCNA Course Online

When you start with a course like CCNA, you embark on a career in IT Infrastructure Management (IMS). In IT IMS, you would get many different opportunities in the areas starting from operating systems, networking, cloud technology, information security, etc.

Everyone wants to go for glamorized technology roles like cloud architect or information security engineer. To go for such the latest technology careers, one must have the requisite foundational knowledge and experience. This foundational knowledge consists of operating systems like Windows, Unix, Linux, and Networking basics. Once you have a good grip of these, you can learn any new technology quickly.

With the CCNA training course, you are choosing a networking domain. With the skills learned here, many good job opportunities would be opened for you. Some of the job profiles are Network Administrator, Network Support Engineer, Network Systems Engineer, Network Security Engineer, etc. You can always start with the network support Engineer profile and grow further to become a senior engineer or designer, or specialist.

Coverage in CCNA Course Online

As part of the CCNA course, you will learn the fundamentals of networking systems, TCP/ IP, IP addressing, subnetting, LAN, VLAN, Routing protocols like Open Shortest Path First(OSPF), Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), and Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP). It also covers the Management of CISCO devices, Network Programmability, Software Defined Networks(SDN), Software Defined Access, Software-defined WAN, Network Address Translation (NAT), the concept of (VPN) Virtual Private Network, Cisco Internetwork Operating System, current security landscape, and so on. You will also know how the networks are configured and managed in the actual scenario. Online CCNA Course would make your concepts clear and reinforce your learning with many hands-on sessions.

CISO Networking Certification

The CCNA certification benchmarks your level of knowledge at a certain level, called Associate. That is why the certification is named CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA). CCNA course online would prepare you for CISCO Networking Certification. The related certification examination is Cisco Certified Network Associate v1.0 (CCNA 200-301).  Acquiring global certification is also a key thing after attending the training.

Once you master the essentials with one certification, you can study further and pursue Professional and Expert levels of CISCO Certification like CCNP and CCIE. In CCNP and CCIE, you can choose from many specializations like data center, security, wireless, enterprise infrastructure, etc.

CISCO is one of the global leaders which provides certifications in the domain of networking. Though these certifications are vendor-specific, they are still trendy due to the large installed base of CISCO devices. Secondly, the training course and material gives a lot of information which is vendor-neutral too. That means a similar concept is valid even if you get to work with some device manufactured by some other network vendor. Hence CISCO certifications are prevalent in the network engineer community after a CISCO course.

With solid fundamentals like the CCNA course, one can step up their career to the latest technologies like cloud administration or information security very easily. If you are passionate about learning new things and applying them in the real world, why wait? Start learning with Online CCNA Course with Texceed Technologies.

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