Skills to Master with Cyber Security Course in Pune

Working in the cyber security domain is a dream of many young graduates. Broadly speaking, work in cyber security entails utilizing your technical and soft skills to make sure that critical data or assets of your organization are protected. If one wants to embark his career in cyber security, what kind of skills one has to look for. Do cyber security courses in Pune hone your skills needed to accomplish your goal?

What Cyber Security Course in Pune will teach you?

Let us first understand what kind of skills are needed in cyber security.

Operating System

Operating system is one of the crucial pieces in controlling security. We operate the hardware devices with the help of operating system controls. Operating systems can have a lot of loopholes or vulnerabilities which can be used to break into them. When we want to protect data, knowledge of strengths and limitations of various operating systems like  Linux, Windows, Android, iOS etc. is very essential. One needs to know which of the operating systems are prone to threats like virus, scripting based attacks etc. Based on this knowledge, one can take required measures to tighten the security controls called hardening of the operating system.


The world is connected because of the large network called the internet. No one can think of any business without getting onto the internet. But the issue is, the possibility of cyber-attack increases manifold once you are on the internet. And a cyber security expert has a work cut out for him to save assets on the internet from malicious attacks. Hence, in depth understanding of networks is the key.

A Cyber security expert has to be knowledgeable in the following areas like wired networks, wireless networks, different protocols, TCP/IP, Routing, and so on. He/she should be familiar with what kind of security measures/devices or protocols can be used to up the network security.


All of you are aware that adoption of cloud computing is growing day by day. Cloud infrastructure has different characteristics. Securing cloud is a different ballgame. If you acquire cloud skills, your demand would increase manifold. 


Scripting is nothing but programming of a little different type. It is used to automate many repetitive tasks. Cyber security experts should acquire knowledge of a few of the scripting languages like shell script, Windows power shell or Python. 


Cyber security involves a lot of tools and technologies. However, just tools and technologies are one part, there needs to be strong process controls to ensure security. There are two types of processes here. One is preventive.  Information security processes to be used so that daily operations by people do not create a security breach. Others are corrective. When an incidence of a security breach happens, how to respond to it correctly. Knowing these processes is a crucial skill.

Knowledge of Threats

If one wants to become a good cyber security professional, he/she needs to know a lot about the hackers and their ways to hack into the system. One needs to know various vulnerabilities or possible loopholes in the system which can be exploited by the hacker to gain control.

Technology and Tools

In addition to the knowhow of various threats, the cyber security professional also has to start understanding the tools hackers are using to attack. More the depth of this knowledge, better would be the defence created. Having hands on skills of various penetration testing tools like port scanners etc. are vital.    

Law and Regulations

Knowing technology is one aspect whereas knowing laws and regulations is another. Cyber security professional has to be good at both. Knowing the guidelines like GDPR, Indian IT act, etc. is a must for an aspiring cyber expert.

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