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“By 2020, more than 50% of current manual operational tasks in infrastructure managed services will be replaced by intelligent automation services.” – Gartner

Business environment is getting more and more dynamic. You are aware that disruption is happening with technologies due to rapid pace of innovation. Not only Information Technology, but all other businesses are also getting affected. Today, businesses cannot afford to wait for months to get new software release or an update to their customers. Competition has become so fierce that the business teams want changes to the software, if possible, every minute.

With such a high demand for quick releases, Agile and DevOps practices for creating software started gaining ground. With use of agile methodology, the software started becoming more adaptable to changes. DevOps tried integrating the entire pipeline of activities from coding to deployment of software in a tightly integrated manner. As speed was the focus, automating all possible tasks was a mandate.

Job Opportunities

Software Development Engineer in Test is a profile which is getting popular. Here is a sample job profile. Look at the expectations from the “changed” software test engineer role and the big change is expertise in programming.

If we carefully look at the statistics, automation is threatening to take away routine and repetitive jobs. However, there would be man power needed who will create the automation using programming, scripts and tools etc. Let us first understand this beast called ‘automation’ in little more details.
IT infrastructure provisioning, installation and configuration of applications was done manually. With infrastructure as code, all these activities could be automated. Industry started adopting tools like Chef and Puppet for automation in the space of IT infrastructure. In last one year or so, they are joined and surpassed by a new tool called Ansible.
Ansible is an open-source automation engine that can be used to automate many critical activities like software provisioning, configuration management and application deployment. It was bought by Red Hat in 2015 and its adoption has grown in leaps and bounds.
RightScales cloud status report 2019 shows that popularity of Ansible is growing. It has surpassed Chef and Puppet as the leading configuration management tool used for managing IT infrastructure by companies.

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Why ansible

You may be wondering why learn Ansible. Some the important reasons for the popularity of Ansible are as follow:

  • Ansible used architecture which is agentless. Hence there is no installation required on remote machines to manage them.
  • Ansible is designed to be minimal in nature with minimal learning curve.
  • Ansible uses an XML definition language called YAML, which is not a programming language. Hence learning and understanding it is easy.
  • Ansible is easy to use by novice user and powerful for expert user.
  • Ansible strives to automate not only the server and software installations, but also supports automating networking from key vendors.
  • Ansible is capable of deploying workloads on variety of public and private clouds.

Now you have seen that, IT infrastructure environment is growing in complexity. As a system administrator you would end up managing many types of interconnected resources like compute, network, database, storage, source control and so on. Companies expect you to have good knowledge on technologies like cloud, storage, docker.

To perform your jobs very efficiently and effectively, learning a popular tool like Ansible would be of great help. Knowledge of Ansible would be useful equally for a fresher and a seasoned professional. If you want to grow in the career or fast growing and most wanted administrator learning Ansible is the great starting step. Why wait?

Benefits of Red Hat Automation with Ansible
(DO 407)

  • Understand Job opportunities in Automation with Ansible
  • Career path after doing Automation with Ansible
  • Advantage of doing Red Hat Certification DO 407
  • Future prospect of Automation with Ansible

Take Away (Learning)

  • What is Automation?
  • Introduction to Automation with Ansible.
  • What are the advantages of Automation with Ansible?
  • What is the purpose of Automation with Ansible?
  • What are the features of Automation with Ansible?
  • Why Ansible is better other Automation tools like chef, Puppet, Terraform, Salt?
Want to know more about Ansible Job opportunities?


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