Rocheston Certified Cybersecurity Engineer Level 1

Today, we face the challenge of building a formidable citadel against the emerging threats in the cyber world – we need to prepare ourselves with adequate knowledge and expertise. Rocheston Cybersecurity Certification equips you to become certified specialists for safeguarding corporate and trade secrets, digital and intellectual properties, sensitive personal information and of course, for keeping computing devices safe against spying apps and software. A Rocheston Certified Cybersecurity Engineer (RCCE) is equipped with a strong foundation to handle cybersecurity for future technologies and use tools to keep hackers from exploiting the unseen breaches in the digital world. We offer you the training and awareness to deal with the vices of the digital world: prevent phishing, fraudulent activities, data theft and so on.

The RCCE® Level 1 course will delve into the basics of cybersecurity along with hands-on labs. You will gain an insight into hacking technologies and tools. Level 1 covers the foundation of hacking technologies. For instance, it looks at Web application attacks, Trojans and Malware, Denial of Service attacks, metasploit, firewalls, cryptography, cracking passwords, hacking the cloud etc. The RCCE® Level 1 is a mandatory requirement, to move to the Level 2 program. The course is 100% Linux based.

Selection Procedure
  • A Bachelor’s degree with one year of professional experience
Selection Procedure

Direct Admission or credential in computer science, engineering, mathematics, or other information technology related fields.

  • You will need basic hacking, networking, system administration, and Linux skills.

Course Highlights

  • Exam can be taken on Rocheston Cyberclass or Pearson VUE testing platform.
  • Multiple Choice Objective Questions
  • Total count – approximately 90 questions for each exam
  • Pass Percentage: 72%
  • Retake Policy – You may retake the exam anytime on an additional fee.
  • The certification is valid for two years and it can be renewed online.
  • RCCE® Level 1 Exam will be conducted on the last day of the class.

In the RCCE® Level 1 program you will learn to:

  • Utilize vulnerabilities to identify if unauthorized activity is possible.
  • Carry out effective penetration tests.
  • Understand advanced cybersecurity solutions.
  • RCCE Level 1 imparts specialist knowledge on persistent privacy problems, malware vulnerabilities, cybersecurity vulnerabilities, insecure networks, penetration testing and many other problems.
  • Understand the types of cybersecurity threats and attacks, articial intelligence, cloud computing and different types of scripting languages.
  • Maintain private servers – a sure-re way of having completely encrypted communication.
  • Test business infrastructure, and the state of the server if the web connection is terminated.
  • Protect yourself from remote exploits by testing for vulnerabilities within your existing devices and infrastructure.

Course Outline

RCCE® Level 1

  • Module 1: Cybersecurity threats, attacks and defenses
  • Module 2: Information gathering and network scanning
  • Module 3: Cyber Vulnerabilities
  • Module 4: Web Application Attacks
  • Module 5: Web shells, Spywares and Backdoors
  • Module 6: Denial of Service Attacks
  • Module 7: Packet Sniers and Network Analyzers
  • Module 8: Password Cracking
  • Module 9: Wireless Hacking
  • Module 10: Firewalls and IDS
  • Module 11: Hacking Frameworks
  • Module 12: Cryptography
  • Module 13: Malware attacks
  • Module 14: Phishing Attacks
  • Module 15: Hacking IDS and Firewalls
  • Module 16: Hacking Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Others
  • Module 17: Hacking Cloud Computing
  • Module 18: Hacking Cloud networks
  • Module 19: Supply Chain Attacks
  • Module 20: Mobile Phone Hacking
  • Module 21: Metasploit Framework
  • Module 22: Webserver Hacking
  • Module 23: Patch management
  • Module 24: Malware analysis
  • Module 25: Penetration Testing
  • Module 26: Policies and Procedures
  • Module 27:Incident Response
  • Module 28:Articial Intelligence in Cybersecurity
  • Module 29:Cyberthreat Intelligence
  • Module 30:Scripting Languages

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