Jump Start Your Career With CCNA Course In Mumbai

Jump Start Your Career With CCNA Course In Mumbai

All of us have experienced the Covid pandemic days. There were lockdowns, offices were closed and everyone was kind of jailed in one’s home. The way of communication with the world which was possible was only electronic or digital. Internet and communication technology came to the rescue. With the internet, we were able to communicate with the world. People were able to sit at home at still complete work at the office by remote working. Obviously, the demand for system administrators and network administrators has increased. Doing a CCNA course in Mumbai can build a strong foundation for a network administrator career.

Information technology is penetrating every business in today’s world. There are new technologies like cloud computing, information security that are in high demand. Hence, various jobs in remote IT support, IT services, IT-enabled services, Cloud administration, and cyber security are growing. If you are a graduate and want to pursue a growing career in Mumbai, CCNA Course in Mumbai can be your first step.

Many B.E. in electronics, B.E. in electronics and telecommunications, and the students from other disciplines take admission for a CCNA course because someone told them to. Someone pursues the course based on his/her friend’s advice. However, many times he/she is unclear about the course and its alignment with career goals. Let us explore it.

Build Strong fundamentals with CCNA Course in Mumbai

There are two specializations areas one can pursue in the IT IMS domain. One, in cloud technology and the other in information security. I am sure that everyone wants to learn the technology which has more glamour and fame. But, it is essential that one has the requisite foundational knowledge and experience. And CCNA course will prove to be a good foundation for knowledge in networking.

Contents of CCNA Course

CCNA course in Mumbai aims at building a strong networking foundation. Some of the important concepts covered in the CCNA course are as follows:

·         TCP/ IP architecture ·         IP addressing
·         Subnetting ·         LAN
·         VLAN ·         Routing protocols
·         Open Shortest Path First(OSPF) ·         Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)
·         Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP). ·         network programmability
·         Software Defined Networks(SDN) ·         Software Defined Access
·         Software-defined WAN ·         Network address translation(NAT)
·         VPN or Virtual private network ·         Cisco Internetwork Operating System
·         Security landscape ·         Management of CISCO devices

In the course, one studies how the networks and network devices are configured and managed in a real scenario. CCNA course in Mumbai would not only make all the key concepts clear but will give you practical training as well.

CISCO Global Certification

All the CISCO certifications are globally recognized and they benchmark the level of knowledge in CISCO technologies and products. CCNA certification is designed for the Associate level. Hence, this certification is named CISCO Certified Network Associate or CCNA. CCNA course in Mumbai would give you enough ammunition to attempt CISCO Networking Certification Cisco Certified Network Associate v1.0 (CCNA 200-301).

 One of the best training institutes called Texceed does run the CCNA Course in Mumbai and CCNA Course in Pune. Undergoing training is the first step, but pursuing a global certification is the next important thing. Once you acquire CCNA certification, you can start working on Professional and Expert levels of CISCO Certification like CCNP and CCIE. They provide many specializations like data center, security, wireless, enterprise infrastructure, etc. With these, you can start climbing steps for your growing and rewarding career.

CISCO is one of the global leaders which provides certifications in the domain of networking. Though the curriculum is vendor-specific, you get to learn a lot of things that are vendor-neutral too.

If you are passionate about learning new technologies and want to pursue a career in them, start with CCNA course in Mumbai or Pune with Texceed Technologies.

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