Java Full Stack Developer

Is Java Full Stack Developer a good career to get into?

Look at the stack overflow survey about popular technologies 2021. Observe the top 5 technologies and they are JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Python, SQL, and Java.  I believe nothing more needs to be explained for an observant young professional aspiring to become Java Full Stack Developer like you!

What is a Java Full Stack Developer?

You might be wondering what this full stack developer is all about. What does the word “full-stack” indicate? Around 10 years back, to become a web developer, one has to master a small technology set. This set was HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, and one server-side framework. This server-side framework was JSP-Servlet, ASP.NET, or PHP.

Today, becoming a web developer has not remained that easy. One needs to master a complete stack or set of technologies. And that set is called Full stack.

With the rapid adoption of mobile phones, users who were accessing web applications from their mobile phones increased significantly. Hence, there was a demand for technologies that can create a web application that would work efficiently on desktop and mobile phones. In addition to this, the user interface also would look good and easy to use on mobile phones.

With this in mind, responsive web application technologies were created. This includes HTML5, Bootstrap, Angular JS, etc. The salient feature of these responsive web applications is that the user interface automatically changes itself based on the mobile device’s size.

With the advent of new technologies, expectations from web developers also went on increasing. Now the company expects a developer to know a complete stack of technologies. This stack starts at HTML and reaches the backend database. Here, the recruiters expect a full stack developer to know all the technologies so that he/she can quickly develop an application. Maybe single-handed!

Technologies a Java Full Stack Developer knows

Technologies in full stack can be classified into multiple sections: Client-side script, Server-side script, and backend databases.

Client-side Technologies

They include HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Angular JS/React JS.

Server-side Technologies

Some technologies used here are advanced versions of the old technologies. They include Servlet/JSP, ASP.NET MVC, PHP etc. Some of the popular frameworks used in the industry today are Hibernate and Java Spring, Spring Boot, Node.js.

Database Technologies

The databases used at the backend could be RDBMS or SQL databases and the other are no-SQL databases. Examples of RDBMS are Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres. Recently, new generation databases called no-SQL databases are getting popular. Examples of these are MongoDB, CouchDB, etc.


PHP web developers would be familiar with this acronym of LAMP. LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. With the era of responsive web and full-stack development, the new stack that is getting popular is MEAN, which is based on a powerful Javascript engine. MEAN stands for MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js

The Industry needs an All-rounder: Java Full Stack Developer

When you visit job portals, you will find many different roles similar to a full-stack web developer. The job positions are named Java developer, Java web developer, Angular JS developer, mean stack web developer, MongoDB developer, node.js and angular developer, etc. If you hone your skills with the Java Full Stack Developer Course, you may be able to fit in any of these positions.

At the start, one can take Java online Course and move to Online Full Stack Java. Many technologies involved in the full-stack web applications give rise to many specialized roles. One can choose to go in-depth and acquire multiple skills in various sections of full-stack. One can choose client-side scripts, Server-side scripts, or Databases. In each section, new technologies are coming up e.g., In client-side script, one can master Angular JS, React JS, or Vue JS.
Remember, the more skills you acquire, more your demand is.

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