How to become a Red Hat Certified System Administrator?

Are you fascinated by the technology news like many enterprises are adopting a multi-cloud strategy or some bank’s system was hacked, and data was compromised. You will also be wondering about how this is done or how one can protect the system from hackers? In enthusiasm, you can enroll in a training course on hacking or information security. A couple of sessions are good, but as the course progresses, you find it challenging to cope with the terminology and the pace. Why? One needs to know the basics before we plunge into such advanced technology domains. The real question then is how to start? Hence, a Red Hat Certified System Administrator course can be just the right starting point for you.

Why Red Hat Linux Certification?

We know that there are many desktops, laptops, and server machines. They run one or the other operating systems like Windows, MAC OS, or Unix variants. More than 80% of servers use a version of Unix/Linux. Even Android, which is a famous mobile operating system, is based on the Unix kernel. In a nutshell, to reach for clouds (figuratively and technically☺), expertise in an operating system like Linux is mandatory.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the leading open-source platform for modern datacenters, with a stable, flexible foundation that adapts as your business changes. That’s just 1 of the reasons why more than 90% of Fortune Global 500 companies* use Red Hat products and solutions. – Red Hat client data and Fortune 500 list, June 2017

Red Hat Certified System Administrator Course

The easiest way to become Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) is to choose an appropriate online training course. Red Hat has created a comprehensive curriculum for learning this.

With Texceed’s Red Hat Certification Course, you will learn various vital aspects of Red Hat Linux operating system administration. Many features are covered in detail. The topics covered in the course are Command-line, physical storage management, Installation and configuration of software components and services, Network connections, firewall restrictions, Manage running processes, Manage and secure files and file systems, administration of users and groups, system logs, troubleshooting problems and analysis, remote management through SSH and web console, Access security files, file systems, and networks, shell scripting, Storage devices, logical volumes, and file systems, security and system access, boot process, and system services, and so on.

The theory is accompanied by hands-on labs. These allow one to test if they have really understood the theory learned. The course also prepares you for RHCSA certification.

Preparing for RHCSA Certification Exam

If you are a good learner, you may be able to grasp the concepts by self-study. However, when you join a red hat course, there are two advantages. One is you get help if and when you get stuck, and second, the training course help reduces the total amount of time required for learning.

Once you study the concepts thoroughly well, doing hands-on practice on your own is a must. All this will help you perform better in the certification exam. One of the unique things about Red Hat certification exams is Exams are 100% practical and no theory or MCQs’. So unless you have a good amount of practice in implementing scenario-based questions, chances of passing the exams are low. Do not worry. A good instructor who is conducting training would give you enough practice questions to alleviate this issue.

With good training and practice, you can come out with flying colors in the RHCSA exam. However, do not stop at that. RHCSA is just a starting point. There is a long way to go to reach cloud or information security certification. However, completing RHCSA certification is a firm first step to getting a good job and embarking on a rewarding career in IMS.

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