Hone Your Skills with Cyber Security Course in Mumbai

Cyber security is one of the biggest concern for businesses, companies and individuals. Everyone has to deal with cyber attacks in one form or the other. In this digital era, no business can survive without internet. Sadly enough, once you are on the internet you are liable to be attacked. The chances of cyber attack have grown many-fold. To contain such attacks one need to have skilled professionals who has successfully completed cyber security course in Mumbai and has technical knowhow.

Cyber Crimes are increasing day by day

As technology is progressing day by day, the hackers or data miners with malicious intentions are also getting stronger and more sophisticated. You will be awestruck to see the volume of these attacks and their whopping growth rate.

India witnessed over 18 million cyber-attacks and threats, at an average of nearly 200,000 threats every day, in the first three months of 2022 – US-based cyber security firm, Norton.

Through Q1 2022, Norton noted over 1 billion cyber threats around the world, at an average of over 11 million attacks every day.

Phishing attacks amounted to approximately 16 million threats around the world in this quarter

An April 2022 report by Russian cyber security company Kaspersky stated that distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks shot up around the world by nearly 4.6x year on year, in this quarter.

The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) reported more than 2.12 Lakhs cybersecurity incidents this year (till February). In comparison, the CERT-In reported more than 14.02 Lakhs cyber security-related incidents in total last year.


Cyber Security Course in Mumbai: Skilled Workforce Solution

With cybercrime increasing at such an alarming rate, every business has to find some solution to mitigate these risks. One may install many devices and software like firewalls, intrusion detection systems, etc. But only devices would not suffice the purpose. You will need an army of good trained soldiers to combat these evil forces. 

These cyber soldiers need to be trained on the latest technology and tools so that they can match the hackers. They should be made aware of various threats and strategies which are employed by the top hackers to breach the system. A cyber security course in Mumbai can be a good starting point for this audacious venture.

Honing Skills in a Cyber Security Course in Mumbai

A cyber security professional will need to acquire knowledge and skills in many aspects of information technology and cyber security. We can broadly classify these skills in three main categories.

  • Technology skills
  • Process skills
  • Soft skills


Technology Skills

These skills are mainly focused on technologies and tools.

In day to day working of cyber security professionals, he/she has to protect hardware and software systems. Therefore, as a basic step one needs to be proficient in handling these devices and software. Typically one should have good knowledge of operating systems, networking, hardware devices, routers. Because these components build systems, any vulnerability or loophole in them can be exploited easily by the hacker. 

Now-a-days, companies are migrating towards cloud technology. Every cyber security professional must be aware of cloud computing technologies and its nuances. Securing the cloud is a more specialized job which is in demand.

In addition to the above technologies, one must be aware of different threats and attacks which are prevalent. Set of tools which hackers often use should be known to the cyber security professional. One can get complete hands-on training on these tools in a course like Ethical Hacking course in Mumbai.

Process Skills

When you want to protect thousands of systems from malicious users, the implementation of protection systems needs to follow certain rules and procedures. There are proven processes of accessing data, modifying data, giving access rights, taking backup, etc. Companies create and implement security policies for their organizations. All these efforts make it harder for hackers to get in.

After taking all the precautions, unfortunately, a breach happens then what? How to respond to such an incident? Here also there are processes to respond to such incidents. Cyber security professionals need to know these very well.

Soft Skills

Without soft skills it is virtually impossible to work in an organization. Communication skill is one of the very important aspects for a cyber security professional. In addition to it, critical thinking also matters a lot. Given a situation, how to come up with multiple alternatives, how to choose the best amongst them etc. needs quick decision making and involves critical thinking.

Texceed’s Cyber Security Course in Mumbai

If you want to hone your skills and become a cyber-security professional, you may consider choosing a training course. For this, Texceed is one of the best training institutes which provides training related to IT infrastructure like Linux, CCNA, AWS cloud, etc.  It also conducts an Ethical Hacking course in Pune. To know more contact us.


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