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Full Stack Development Course in Pune – PHP

Today technology is growing at tremendous speed. Every organization is moving towards digitization of its operations. Information technology is becoming a stronger backbone every day. With situations like pandemic, the digitization movement is getting bolstered. As a young aspiring graduate, if you want to take a plunge into an IT career with a Full Stack development Course in Pune, this is the time.

Cloud computing is becoming mainstream now. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are poised at a juncture to change every business and job role. In such a situation, if we do not learn these new technologies like Full Stack, there are high chances of becoming irrelevant. As a young graduate, you must keep tracking the technologies which are the future.

What does Java Full Stack Developer mean?

A few years back, pursuing a web development career was not that arduous task. A small set of technologies to assimilate and you could start. This set consisted mainly of HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, and one server-side framework. Usually, this server-side framework was JSP-Java Servlet, Microsoft ASP.NET, or PHP.

There used to be specialization in teams. Projects would consist of front-end developers, database/backend developers, and PHP developers. Everyone used to focus on his part in the web application. But now, the story is different.

It is becoming unviable to keep so many specialized developers on the project. The trend is to hire someone who can handle the entire development starting from the front-end to the back-end database. One developer who can single-handedly deliver the complete web application. This arrangement becomes cost-effective and viable even for small web applications. With this trend, the demand for developers who know the entire set of technologies or full stack started increasing. To capitalize on this pursuing a full stack development course in Pune would prove to be a valuable step.

Full Stack is Response Web

In recent years there was one more significant change. People started using mobile phones in large numbers. With the rapid adoption of mobile phones, users accessing web applications from their mobile phones increased fast. Old web applications did not have a good user interface for the small size of mobile phones. New technology was required which would scale i.e. enlarge or shrink the user interface based on the size of the device on which it is rendered.


To address this need, responsive web applications With this in mind, responsive web application technologies were created. This includes HTML5, Bootstrap, Angular JS, React JS, etc.

A responsive web application is now a de-facto standard. You will not find any web app which is of the old style. In the background of all these technological advancements, developers are also required to up-skill themselves on these new technologies. In order to get a good web development job, one needs to master the entire stack of technologies starting from HTML to Databases.

In Full Stack Development MEAN replaces LAMP

PHP web developers would be accustomed to the acronym ‘LAMP’. LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. In the old good days of web applications, LAMP was the key technology to master.

PHP was and still is, very popular technology amongst web developers. WordPress, Joomla are some of the popular web development frameworks based on PHP. Now with the time of responsive web and full stack development, the new stack which is getting popular is MEAN, which is based on a robust Javascript engine. MEAN stands for MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js. PHP is used along with these technologies to work on the server-side.

Upgrade with Full Stack Development Course in Pune

PHP is popular because it is easy to learn and one can quickly create a web application. You might have studied PHP in your college curriculum or done a final year project using it. You might be a web developer working on PHP projects. Now, it’s time. You must upgrade yourself and look for better opportunities. Up-skilling oneself with a Full Stack Web Development Course will pave a way to grow rapidly in your career.

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