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With Covid pandemic situation, more and more companies are making their staff work from home. The IT infrastructure is acting as a boon to keep all of us digitally connected and do office-work sitting at home. We are able to work together using remote infrastructure management technology like cloud. Due to increasing demand for cloud technology, demand for cloud specialist is bound to grow. And AWS cloud certification is one of the key credential one can have to become cloud specialist.

Adoption of AWS Cloud

Simply put “Cloud” is a shared and managed remote infrastructure. Since last five years, IT companies as well as non-IT companies are moving their applications to cloud.  Cloud technology provides various levels of services. Through these services, infrastructure, platform and applications become available for the end user. They are typically called as Infrastructure as Service (IaaS), Platform as Service (PaaS) and Software as Service (SaaS).

In this space AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, Vmware, IBM etc. are the main service providers globally. AWS is the leader in public cloud infrastructure. Obviously, demand for professionals who are experts in AWS cloud technology is growing.

According to the latest Flexera’s state of cloud report, AWS is leading the public cloud adoption as shown in the graph. Azure and Google cloud are the next two cloud vendors. 77% respondents run their application on AWS cloud.

Make your foundation Strong

You read that cloud is the latest technology and there is huge demand for cloud experts, do not jump and enroll for any AWS or cloud technology course. You need step back, think a little more and decide how you will become cloud expert.

To become cloud expert, you strong foundation. It includes knowledge of computer fundamentals, operating systems, Network and processes and tools of system administration. You can focus on learning at least couple of operating systems administration like Microsoft Windows and Linux. In it try to cover client/desktop as well as server operating systems. Practical knowledge of TCP/IP, setting up network, routers, security fundamentals etc. is also essential. Once this base is ready, one can really embark his/her journey to become cloud specialist.

Pursuing cloud Certification

You can look at various certifications AWS provides. They can be categorized as cloud architect, cloud developer and DevOps Engineer. You can start with the basic or foundation level certification like AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner to test the waters. Based on your interest, you can choose either of the associate level certifications namely, AWS Certified Developer, AWS Certified SysOps Administrator or AWS Certified Solutions Architect.

Why AWS Certification

Aim of AWS training and certification is to be build latest technical competencies required for the jobs in the industry. Therefore, when you have a credential like AWS certification in your hand, your skills and expertise is recognized globally. Obviously, it will play a role in fetching you a good job and also will have an impact on your salaries. Hence, if you are planning to pursue a career in IT infrastructure management space, learning AWS is must.

Beyond AWS Certification

Now-a-days, companies are experimenting and adopting multiple cloud platforms to address the risks. That means cloud specialist for different cloud platforms would be in demand. Do not stop at mastering AWS. Start learning other popular platforms like Azure, Google Cloud and so on.

Continuous learning and keeping yourself updated with latest technology is the need of the hour!

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