Certificate Courses after Graduation

Best Certificate Courses after Graduation

When it comes to job hiring, engineering graduates have issues in getting jobs. More than 50% of them struggle to get a job. Considering this, the situation for non-engineering graduates is worse. Chances of getting jobs are minimum unless you acquire some specific skills. There are some certificate courses after graduation. If you pursue them, getting a good job in the IT industry is very much possible.

IT has many roles which do not involve programming

If you are a science graduate doing a BSc in core sciences, BCS in computers, or BCA or a Commerce graduate, you can still pursue a career in Information Technology. Many non-engineering graduates do not look at the IT industry because they are afraid of computer programming. However, many of them do not realize that the IT industry has many other roles which do not involve programming.

Certificate Courses after Graduation in IT IMS

System administration or IT Infrastructure management (IT-IMS) is one such domain in information technology. System administrators are responsible for the installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of systems. Here, the systems involve many components like clients, Servers, networks, routers, firewalls, proxy servers, web servers, and application servers, and so on. When you look at system administration, it involves less or minimalistic programming because the focus is on running a deployed software. Hence, someone who doesn’t have a liking for developing programs can easily master IMS-related technologies.

Latest Technologies for Certificate Courses after Graduation

You must be aware that the technologies which are selling like hot cake and growing leaps and bounds are cloud computing, DevOps, and Information Security. There are many job openings available for various jobs in these domains. Here is the list in the box below.

Cloud Engineer, Azure cloud admin, AWS cloud administrator,  DevOps engineer, Information Security Engineer, Penetration Tester, Ethical Hacker

If you want to pursue a career and become a sought-after professional, here is what one needs to do.

Certificate Courses after Graduation that build strong foundation

When you at any of these latest technologies, they involve devices, client operating systems, Server operating systems, networks, and so on. Knowing these aspects is very essential as they create a solid foundation for a growing career.

The following diagram shows the building blocks of a career in IMS technologies. It consists of Networking Basics, Client Operating System, and Server Operating System as a base block. Once you achieve mastery in these areas, you can apply for a job and start your career.

Once Foundation is good, you can look at doing multiple specializations as shown. Specializations could be in Automation, Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Information Security, Forensics, DevOps tools, etc. Along with these technologies, if you get some exposure to processes like ITIL and Ticketing System, it would be an ace in your arm.

List of Certificate Courses after Graduation at Texceed

Here is the list of certificate courses Texceed offers:

  • CCNA
  • Certified Ethical Hacking V 11
  • Diploma in Cloud Computing
  • MCSA 2016
  • Diploma in Software Testing – Automation Testing
  • Full Stack Developer – PHP
  • Java Full Stack Developer Course
  • Red Hat Linux Certification
  • Data Science

Acquiring Global Certificates

As you start acquiring knowledge of server operating systems and networks, you will know that there are many international certifications related to these. CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA), Red Hat Certified Engineer(RHCE) to name a few.

These certifications help you to build your global credentials. If you pass these examinations, your certificate is recognized all over the world. Having a global certification in the area in which one wants to pursue a career is of enormous advantage. It shows that you are not only committed to learning new things but you also have the required aptitude to master the skill.

Online Certificate Courses at Texceed

To upgrade your skills and start a good career, you can look at the different certificate and job-oriented courses at IT Training Institute called Texceed. It is one of the premier and the best institute for learning technologies that can prepare you for a job. You can join the online courses and start learning right now sitting at your home till lockdown and other restrictions persist. When a lockdown is over, you can always go to the physical labs for doing practicals. Why waste time? Prepare for an excellent career with certificate courses after graduation from Texceed.

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