Career in IT Industry; A Smart Choice!

As nothing functions without the Internet, every business, big or small is looking for automation of its business with some kind of software. Hence, digital transformation is the need of the hour. Today, the software is becoming an important component of every business function. Obviously, the demand for experts in information technology is growing. If you decide to foray into an IT Career, that will not be a wrong decision.

Information Technology (IT) everywhere!

We have experienced a Covid pandemic. We do not want to remember those horrible days of lockdown, shortage of medicines, overflowing hospitals, etc,. But, during this pandemic, we were able to communicate with each other, only because of one thing and that is information technology.

Information technology allowed us to run schools online. People could work from home, and use banking services with various software platforms and tools. Businesses like restaurants started delivering food online. And all this was possible due to the internet, mobile phones, and software tools which helped us to remain connected, do our daily jobs, pay for the services, and so on.

A Career in IT: Strong Growth

It is obvious that the information technology business grew in the years of pandemic. But, the question is will it continue to grow for years to come? That’s the right question and the answer to that is very affirmative. As new technologies like cloud, blockchain, internet of Things(IoT), mobiles, cyber security, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc. are becoming mainstream, the demand for IT resources is not going to be abated soon.

Hiring was in top gear across India’s six leading IT companies in the financial year ended March 31, 2022, even as the companies continued to battle record levels of attrition with the rise in demand for IT talent. The companies hired 260,000 people during the year, which is a record 2.75x higher than the 95,000 employees hired by the companies last year. The top six IT companies include — Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Infosys, Wipro, HCL Technologies, L&T Infotech, and L&T Technology Services.

Opportunities for a Career in IT

There are many opportunities for a career in IT based on the job roles. Some of them are relevant to fresher whereas others make sense to experienced professionals.  Let us focus on different opportunities for fresher.

Let us look at what are the main segments of various IT job roles. They are namely, Software Developer, Software Tester, System Administrator, Website designer, Business analyst, Data Scientist, etc. Now, we will see the main responsibilities of each one in very brief.



Software Developer Write software programs for a given problem. Need to know a programming language and how to design software.
Software Tester Do testing for software programs created by the development team. Need to know techniques and processes for software testing and quality assurance.
System Administration Installation and maintenance of software. Also keeps the hardware, computers, and network up-to-date.
Website Designer Creates visually appealing website for businesses.
Business Analyst Understands the requirements of the software that is to be created by the client. Explains it to the development team.
Data Scientist Create various programs for predictions that will help the business grow using statistical tools and machine learning algorithms.

With Texceed Course one can embark on a Career in IT

Texceed is one of the leading training institutes which provides various courses related to information technology careers. The courses are comprehensive. They start from the basics and take you to the level of skill required by the industry.

Here are some of the courses which you can explore if you want to start a career in IT.


Software Developer Full Java Stack Developer
Software Tester DST
System Administration Linux, CCNA, CEH
Data Scientist Python Programming


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