Best Professional Courses After 12th

Today everyone is speaking about job skills. It is a big realization that focusing on only academics may not be able to prepare our new generation for future challenges.  In the New Education Policy NEP2020, the importance of vocational education is highlighted. The policy puts a lot of emphasis on the need for students to be able to choose a vocational education path and develop skills. These vocational paths should be decided based on students’ interests and aptitude. This will help them acquire job skills and be successful in the workforce. If you want to start early, such skills can be acquired easily through the best professional courses after 12th.

Professional Courses with a difference

Let us first understand what we mean by a professional course. For graduation and post-graduation we learn many courses which are termed academic courses. The aim of academic courses is to provide you with knowledge about a particular subject. This subject may or may not be directly relevant to the profession which you will choose.

Professional courses are different. Professional courses are aligned to a particular profession or job. Here the focus is on imparting knowledge and honing the skills which can be directly put to use in one’s profession or day-to-day job.  Hence doing such professional courses which are aligned with your graduation are very critical for career growth.

Best Professional Courses after 12th prepare you for jobs

In India, every year lakhs of graduates come out of educational institutes. How many of them really get jobs? The reports in this context paint a dismal picture like only 25% of the graduates get jobs. That means 75% find it hard to get a good job. What is the solution to this problem? Professional courses is the answer.

For example, you have an interest in computers and want to become a cloud specialist or cyber security expert. You took admission in an Engineering College. Though you will pursue academics in engineering graduation, it will seldom be aligned with your career interest. When it comes to job skills, you still need to learn those after you graduate to get a good job.

Let us consider another case where a student was interested in computers but could not get admission to any computer-related degree course. He/She has taken admission to BSC or BCom. While pursuing such graduation, one can acquire professional skills in computers. What one needs to do is look at the best professional courses after 12th. Here, the advantage is twofold. The student is getting domain knowledge of (say )commerce and technology knowledge through professional courses. This opens up doors for completely new opportunities or careers.

Get multi-skilled with the best professional courses

The industry is looking for candidates who are not only knowledgeable but also skilled in certain areas. If you start exploring different professional courses, getting a job would not only become easy but you will find more and more opportunities. Acquiring multiple skills can save us from any calamity like a covid pandemic where jobs in certain domains were badly affected.

Professional courses not only give you more openings but also take care of risks.

Here is a list of some of the best professional courses one can pursue from Texceed a well-known IT training institute for a better career graph.

  • Python Programming
  • Linux Certifications
  • Cloud Certifications
  • Cyber Security Certifications
  • Networking Certifications

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