Best Courses after Engineering

Best Courses after Engineering

Everyone who goes to engineering college has to put in a lot of hard effort. Firstly in 12th standard examinations and then in the entrance test like CET which follows it. During the four years of engineering, you have sweat and get good scores. In the end, every engineering graduate has a dream of becoming a good engineer and get into a career that is not only growing fast but also is financially rewarding. However, for many engineers, this does not turn out to be as easy as it sounds. Let us explore why many engineering graduates fail to get a good job after graduation. Will some best courses after engineering can rescue their career?

Engineers take the path of least resistance!

In any subject you pickup to learn, at least for professional career-oriented courses, there are two parts. One is about knowing the theory and the second is about doing the practical work or hands-on. The subject structures are well-designed by giving appropriate weightage to theory and practical aspects. However, as a student, we always choose the path of least resistance and do focus on theory more and pay less attention to the practical aspects. Here, many a time, we do not understand that in real job work, we are supposed to perform the work practically. Knowing the only theory is not of much use it is not backed up by practical knowledge or experience of doing things.

Technology is changing fast, look for the best courses after engineering

With this, there is another aspect that affects the employability of engineers. The speed with which industry and technology advance is tremendous. We know that it is almost impossible to match the space considering the academic constraints. Colleges and universities do not change their syllabus every year and this created a gap in the skills required by the industry and what we learn in colleges. Today, there are many attempts done through elective subjects or inclusion of professional certifications, etc. to bridge this gap. However, this may not be enough. One from his career perspective must look for some of the best courses after engineering.

Best Courses after Engineering for IT career

Here are some of the best courses after engineering in Information Technology. You may be graduate from any discipline like Electronics and Telecommunication, Mechanical, Production, Civil, Instrumentation, etc. there is always a career path for you in information technology.  You can choose from the list based on your interest, your previous knowledge, and the graduation you are pursuing.

The following table gives the list of promising job roles and technologies involved in it. The choice can be based on whether you like programming or not or the extent of your mastery of programming skills.

Category One :  is for those who love programming.

Category Two : is for those who are not so good in programming but can manage.

Category Three: is for those who do not want any programming/least programming as part of their job role.

Category Promising Job Role in IT Course Associated with it
One Java Developer, Angular JS Developer, Web Developer Full Stack Developer Java, Full Stack Developer PHP, Angular JS
Two Software Tester, Automation tester, Quality Analyst Diploma in Software Testing
Three System Administrator, Network Administrator CCNA, Linux, MCSA
Three Information Security Engineer Certified Ethical Hacker(CEH)


Advantages of Best courses after Engineering

If one can acquire the job skills while pursuing engineering, it would be great. But, this is not seen quite commonly. Hence, it is worthwhile to start looking for a job-oriented course even after graduation. Following are the main advantages of a job-oriented courses.

  1. It is designed with the latest job roles in mind.
  2. Many times it includes global certifications as they enhance your employability
  3. It covers technical skills(theory and practical both) and soft skills too.
  4. Many times job opportunities are also provided for deserving candidates.

If you have finished graduation, trying to get a job in the IT industry? Are you not able to crack the selection tests or interviews of recruiting companies? Do not worry. Search for a good IT Training Institute like Texceed and enroll in a job-oriented course. If you work hard, success will be all yours!




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