Best Courses after 12th : Reach Your Career Goal with Ease

Information technology is everywhere. If you look at current trends, software and computers are used by all businesses big or small. As a result, knowledge of information technology is becoming one of the crucial factors. After finishing your examination, you should start searching for the best courses after the 12th. This will help you start early and start strong.

Computer Programming in School Days

Schools and parents have understood the importance of learning computers and programming at an early age. In schools, we learn computer programming for fun. And it should be like that to generate and cultivate interest in it. So, when you are learning some programming, maybe QBasic, C, Scratch etc., you are not very serious about comprehensive learning. Mostly it is done because of the glamour around it which help you flaunt your achievements in front of your friends. But, this is a good ground to start.

Now be a little serious with the Best courses after 12th

With 10th and 12th the focus gets shifted to examinations and scores in Maths and Science. Rest of the activities take a back seat. Now that your examinations are over, you can again start thinking of learning computers or IT related courses.

But many could have a question. I do not want to have a career in computers or software, so why should I even look at these?

You may choose to do a career in Engineering, Medical, Pharma, Education, Science, Commerce or Computer Science, be sure you cannot escape information technology. You will find application of information technology in every business sector. Hence it is obvious that every business would be looking for people with information technology skills.

Best Courses after 12th that focus on IT

Many people believe that information technology means software and software mean programming. And there is nothing more to IT. That is not true. Though programming is one of the very coveted skills in the IT domain, that is just one part of the vast IT skills.



Here are five different types of skills one can look at starting from software operations to programming. Based on your liking you may choose one of the courses and enter into the world of information technology.

You may choose to start with C programming, Java Programming, Python, Web site development with HTML, etc. This experimentation can help you understand what you like and what you can do.

Start Early with the best Courses after the 12th to get Dual Skills

After the results of the 12th, you will start pursuing your career in engineering, science, commerce, pharma, etc. In college, you would start learning various subjects that would make you an expert in the chosen domain. So Mechanical engineer would become an expert on machines while a commerce graduate becomes an expert in accounting and finance.

While continuing with your mainstream education, you can actually start developing one additional skill in the Information Technology domain.  This may be complementary to your graduation which would help you score good marks. Or even you may pursue an optional career of your interest. For example, a commerce graduate learning web design.

The following table gives the list of promising job roles and technologies which you can learn while doing graduation at Texceed, Computer Training Institute in Pune.

Category A :  Involves Programming.

Category B : not so keen on programming but can manage.

Category C: No programming.

Category Promising Job Role in IT Course Associated with it
A Java Developer, Angular JS Developer, Web Developer Full Stack Developer Java, Full Stack Developer PHP, Angular JS
B Software Tester, Automation tester, Quality Analyst Diploma in Software Testing
C System Administrator, Network Administrator CCNA, Linux, MCSA
C Information Security Engineer Certified Ethical Hacker(CEH)

If you start early, you will have ample time to build the expertise required for the job. When you will graduate, you would possess all the skills needed to get the job easily. If you start strong, you can grow fast. And that is what all is needed, isn’t it?

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