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Amazon Web Services (AWS) emerged as the top cloud platform in a developer survey conducted by Stack Overflow in August 2021. This survey is regarded as one of the prominent one in the software development space. The survey states following about cloud platforms “AWS to be “the most widely used cloud platform” in 2021 among developers, “but Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure made substantial gains from last year.”  If you want to learn cloud computing with a Best AWS Course with Texceed, contact us.

Developers, Testers, or Admin need to Master Cloud

Cloud computing is growing every year. Because of it, system administrators are upgrading themselves on various cloud technologies like AWS, GCP, Windows Azure, and so on. What about others?  I have deliberately shown the developer survey data and not a survey focused on system administrators whose main focus is IT infrastructure. This is to make you realize how important knowledge of the cloud is even to the developers.

This is the era of agile development and DevOps. Obviously, developers cannot remain focussed only on knowledge of programming and databases. He/She should also look at mastering a few additional technologies like cloud computing platforms.

If one wants to become a software testing engineer, knowledge of the cloud is a must. One needs to be familiar with how to test Applications that are deployed on the cloud and using the cloud itself as a test bench.    

How to choose an AWS Course?

You are completely new to the cloud computing domain and do not understand where to start. Here is the tip. Firstly, Look at overview of all different cloud platforms. Then based on your interest on popularity of the platform and your interest choose a course which can give you an overall perspective of the platform. After completing it, you can decide to specialize in one of the areas or niche services the cloud platform offers. Additionally, one of the most important things to look at is the AWS Certification Training course prepares me for global certification. Choosing such a course would bring in immense benefits from the perspective of one’s career growth.

Best AWS Course for Beginner

Cloud computing is an advanced technology set. Before starting this journey one needs to make sure that you have requisite prior knowledge. Otherwise, the learning journey would become very difficult though not impossible. 

What one needs to learn before attempting a cloud course? Knowledge of any operating system preferably Linux/Unix variant would be good. Basics of networking, TCP/IP concepts etc. are also important foundational stones to build your next level expertise in cloud. 

Here let us explore the AWS architect associate course. In this course, one will get an overview of AWS architecture, deployments across the world, AWS billing and cost management, How to seek technical support.

AWS Global Infrastructure consists of Regions, Availability Zones, and Points of Presence. Using this infra, AWS provides 23 different product or service categories. Out of these, Course focuses on commonly used services.



Elastic Compute Cloud EC2 Resizable computing capacity with Virtual machines
Simple Storage Service S3 Store and protect any amount of data
Amazon Route 53 Scalable cloud Domain name system
Amazon RDS Set up and scale a relational database
AWS Lambda For serverless computing
Amazon CloudFront Fast content delivery CDN service for content like web pages, videos, etc.
AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) Secure resource management


The AWS training course covers these and many more. In addition to this, it also provides hands-on labs which make the student good at practical aspects of handling cloud infrastructure. To start your cloud learning journey with Texceed, contact us.

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