A Good Career with Software Testing Courses in Pune

Software Testing is becoming one of the sought-after careers by many. In the last decade, software testing started booming and many focused software companies came into existence. With them, the demand for software test engineers started growing. With advancements in technologies, more avenues for test engineers kept on emerging. Hence many graduates prefer to pursue this career by joining a Software Testing Courses in Pune.


Software Testing Course is Important

Like Software Development, Software Testing has different technologies and tools. Rather it goes hand-in-hand with new technology advancements in software, hardware, or its combination. Every product before getting into the market has to be thoroughly tested for any defects. This leads to needing expertise in those technologies and business domains so that successful testing can be done. Rather, the success of the product in marketing is largely decided by its quality. That is, error-free functioning and ease of use are the most deciding factors. Software test engineer contributes to improving them. And a software testing course in Pune would prepare the learner so that he/she should be able to do this.

Methods and Techniques taught in Software Testing Courses in Pune

Software Testing employs various processes and techniques to find defects and improve the quality of the software. Let us go through some of the important testing techniques/types or methods. A good software testing course in Pune would cover most of these in-depth.


Black Box Testing

In black-box testing, the software to be tested is treated as a black box. Here, a set of inputs is provided to the software system and behavior is verified. It is used for functional testing.

White-Box Testing

White box testing is a method that uses internal control structures of the procedural design or code to derive test cases. It uses various components of source code like paths, conditions, decisions, and loops for testing.

Integration Testing

The system is made up of various modules and components. In integration testing, the software is constructed incrementally by integrating unit-tested components and modules. Smaller units integrate into larger units and larger units into a complete system. In this testing, the transfer of data and control between modules is tested.

System Testing

System testing is the testing conducted on a complete system in its environment to evaluate the system’s compliance with its specified requirements. It takes into account both the functional and non-functional requirements but focuses on non-functional requirements like performance, scalability, etc.

Performance Testing

Performance testing ensures that the given software meets performance requirements which are stated as a part of non-functional requirements. For example, website response time should be xy milliseconds under the condition of an average number of users.

Texceed’s Software Testing Course in Pune

Texceed conducts a comprehensive software testing course in Pune. The course covers the manual testing techniques described above. In addition to it, automation testing is taught with the most popular open-source tool Selenium. If you want to pursue a career in software testing, please visit us for one of the best software testing courses in Pune.

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